A Taste of the Creative Writing Test Kitchen!


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You have a friend who loves you.

That’s why she invited you to visit the Creative Writing Test Kitchen.

The Test Kitchen is the place for you if you find yourself asking:

  • What is the right way to get started writing?
  • What is the right way to talk about myself and my life?
  • What are the right words to use?
  • What is allowed?

I wish I knew the right way so I could tell you.

What I can tell you instead is how to allow words in and out.

How to play with them and encourage them to play with you.

How to use them when you feel like nobody wants to hear you.

Your friend has been making all sorts of discoveries ā€” ask her to tell you about them! ā€” and she wants the same for you.

Iā€™d love you to check out how it works in A Taste of the Test Kitchen on Tuesday August 2 at noon Pacific time (3pm EDT, 8pm BST).

Join us for 30 minutes on Zoom videoconferencing to play around get messy, get dirty (foul-mouthed, if you’re like me), and make something new out of ingredients you may have had in the back of the cupboard for years but are miraculously still delicious.

Interested? Join in the Fun!