Always face to face

Together, we’ll work through your biggest writing blocks and get shit done fast.

I write in dialogue WITH you, not FOR you.

Let’s share our love of conversation, the back and forth of ideas, the false starts and phony finishes, the energy of creating meaning together.

Collaboration means the ideas keep coming and bouncing back and forth — and for people like you, it’s the best way to think.

Wanna rock, roll and write together? Spend some time with me and anything can happen…

  • Put out in the universe the message that has been stuck in your head, in your heart, in your throat, the big one that will change your life once you express it, the one you’ve been struggling with for years.
  • Get your own words and ideas clear, specific, beautiful, correct, and WRITTEN DOWN.
  • Hit “Send” or “Publish” while the excitement still pulses in your veins.
  • Draw usable poetry out of your head.

I’ll hold your hand and remind you to breathe, and give you permission to say what you need to say, the way you need to say it. I’m a copy coach. That’s my job.

If you’re like me (and I bet you are)

You are launching, getting media coverage, or appearing in public, and you need to make sure your copy is sharp.

You have invested in a beautiful website design, and your site looks great, so now you have to SAY something.

You wrote your copy a long time ago and it sounds stale now.

You are ready to become the world-changer you admire and want the right people to hear your message.

You have always wanted to write a book, or have written a book that needs more of something or less of something else, and you’re not sure how to revise.

You need to blog to keep your content marketing fresh, but have a hard time getting started or staying on track.

Ready? Ready!

You’re in for a series of collaborative sessions with a brilliant writer and compassionate thinker (me!) who wants nothing more than for you to open your mouth and let the world hear you roar.

Or sing. Or preach. Or challenge. Or …?

A series of hands-on work sessions via video calls will get all the words you need in place, polished, with personalized panache. Published as we speak!

In her About Page online workshop and our one-on-one coaching, Pearl has given me a structure to help bring order to my thoughts, without it being a rigid template. Her concept of copy as storytelling has really helped me shift how I approach my copywriting. I’m really happy with my current version of my About page. I know it will keep evolving as I grow in my business and my ideal client avatar gets more specific, and Pearl’s concept will support me in that. Kath BoSian

Dream Catalyst & Business Strategist, Kath BoSian

Keep Up!

Wanna hear from me every time I have something to say?

D.I. (& almost) Y.

  • Stop tearing out your hair and start making sense to your ideal client.
  • Send me your copy or web address along with 3 concrete questions, and I’ll give you suggestions for major edits you can make.
  • 1 hour videoconference to discuss recommendations.
  • Outcome: PDF with my suggestions that you can apply on your own timeline.

Really Get Shit Done!

  • You can get your website ready to share with the world — in 1 day’s time! Put aside website shame and write from your authentic self — clearly, easily, beautifully.
  • We’ll spend a workday (split over 2 calendar days) working together, sculpting your website into shape (Home Page, Services, and About Page) so you can share it with the people who need what you do.
  • Outcome: Get your website copy wonderful before you waste one more day invisible to the online world.


If none of these packages suits you, your free Writing Strategy Session will help us figure out how to get your needs met!

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