Talk about your work so it resonates 

— in the hearts of your true audience.

You’re a busy entrepreneur. You don’t have time or money to waste on a copywriter who just gives you a boilerplate version of “you.”

You need to get your own, authentic, meaningful, powerful, specific voice out there — now. Today.

That’s what I’m all about: Action. Momentum. Getting shit done.

We’re gonna get your copy done fast — whether that means buffing up your lackluster website or creating an exciting and shiny new offering from the ground up.

Injecting YOU into your copy. In record time. With laser focus.

You, talking directly to your customer. As yourself. But never by yourself.

You will show up, authentically, creatively, meaningfully — and efficiently.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

After working with me, you’ll have amazing copy on your website that allows your ideal customers and clients to hear you and see you and meet you where you are.

Your words, speaking directly to the heart.  

It’s not about more words, it’s about the right words .

Whether you want to do-it-yourself (and actually get it done) or have me hold your hand through the process, here’s one thing you can count on:

Publishable, persuasive, engaging copy on your website — right away.

Choose the work style, speed, and budget that works for YOU.


D.I. (& almost) Y.

  • Stop tearing out your hair and start making sense to your ideal client.
  • Send me your copy or web address along with 3 concrete questions, and I’ll give you suggestions for major edits you can make.
  • 1 hour videoconference to discuss recommendations.
  • Outcome: PDF with my suggestions that you can apply on your own timeline.
Make It So!

Really Get Shit Done!

  • You can get your website ready to share with the world — in 1 day’s time! Put aside website shame and write from your authentic self — clearly, easily, beautifully.
  • We’ll spend a workday (split over 2 calendar days) working together, sculpting your website into shape (Home Page, Services, and About Page) so you can share it with the people who need what you do.
  • Outcome: Get your website copy wonderful before you waste one more day invisible to the online world.
Make It Now!

Satisfied Clients Say the Loveliest Things

Unlike any Other Copywriting Experience

You’ll save time and money getting your words to sound like you from the start.

Lisa Starbard

Money-Maker Extraordinaire, Unbookkeeping

Space for Your Evolving Message

Pearl has given me a structure to help bring order to my thoughts, without it being a rigid template. Her concept of copy as storytelling has really helped me shift how I approach my copywriting. As I grow in my business and my ideal client avatar gets more specific, Pearl’s concept will support me.

Kath BoSian

Dream Catalyst & Business Strategist, Kath BoSian

Incredible Efficiency and Value!

After working with Pearl my website now boasts clean and clear copy, with a call to action, that results in more business from visitors to my site. One of the greatest features she offers is working “hands on” with you and your computer, so you can see the actual changes as you work together. The result is a finished copy at the end of your session that you can put to use right away.

Karen Rosenzweig

Owner/Social Media Marketing Consultant, One Smart Cookie Marketing

Language that Connects

Pearl elevated the level of conversation immediately, focusing at the heart of the emotional connection I was trying to establish with my reader at first blush.  Her emphasis on the emotions themselves, instead of having to come up with taglines, pitches, etc. was a fresh reminder of the reason why I have my business in the first place!

Andy Hayes

Founder, Plum Deluxe

A Creative, Expressive Collaborator

I’ve worked with many copywriters, and what Pearl does is so much more than copywriting. Infused with life and vigor, she came in and completely understood what needed to happen, and put a process together to make it so. My copy actually sounds the way that I feel, going beyond “sounding the way I sound.” It embodies the true energy I wish to show up with.

Timothy Peterson

Counselor, Timothy Peterson Counseling

The Intelligent Entrepreneur’s Copywriter

Working with Pearl Klein is a collaborative dream!  I would not have this business without that woman.  In nearly two years of working together, we’ve created sales pages and web copy and blog posts and all these amazing things.  Pearl takes the time to deeply understand your message and co-create the copy. And she does it so freakin’ fast!

Heidi Skye

Mom, Scientist, Holistic Healer, Dr. Heidi Skye

A Process of Joy

As a visual artist, I can have trouble articulating what I think about my work. I gave Pearl a 4-page list of words describing what I do and she made word magic. We worked collaboratively and ended up with polished language in my own voice. I’m very happy with it!

Karen Hyams

Artist, Karen Hyams Photography

A Living Thesaurus of Creative Phrasing

Pearl Klein sucked the ideas out of my brain and turned them into usable poetry for my website. And she did it very quickly!! Within minutes she had established a vocabulary and a creative direction for talking about an entire client segment that I have struggled communicating about for months.

Mindy Crary

Money Awesomizer, Creative Money Coaching

Oodles of Fun to Work With.

I desperately needed some guidance on my About page, and she gave me some excellent ideas for shifting my thinking, along with a healthy dose of encouragement and plenty of laughs. THANKS again, Pearl! I especially liked your advice to put a “bossy statement” on my website about what people will get from hanging out with me.

Eleanore Strong

Digital Strategist, Strong Consulting