1. Leave the ants until another day. Same goes for the trees, including the neighbors’ encroaching, invasive species.
  2. Sleep at will. Eat whatever sounds like it will stay put.
  3. Take a really hot shower on a really hot day.
  4. Negotiate with those around you and make it really clear what you’re not able to do (e.g., grocery shop, cook meals, drive kids from point A to point C and back to point B).
  5. Ask for what you want. Ask even if it sounds unreasonable, complicated, or unnecessary. Just ask.
  6. Skip the meeting, even if someone you adore is coming from out of town to attend.
  7. Skip the film festival, even if someone you adore is coming from around the corner to join you.
  8. Skip the live performance, even if it’s closing and you kept thinking you’d have another chance to see it and this is the final chance.
  9. Is there work you could be doing? Will it still need doing in a day or so? It can wait.
  10. Can’t read? Don’t. Headache interferes with computer usage? Do the least possible. This includes fixing the formatting on the list, which should have hanging indents, but when did typography come easily?

What do you do to take care of yourself? Post below in the comments.