Pants are funny. Shirts are not funny.

Noses are funny. So are ears. Mouths and eyes are not funny.

Toes are funnier than fingers, as feet are funnier than hands.

Smell is funny, taste can be funny, but sight, sound and touch are not funny.

Falling is funny, throwing is not.

Slipping is funny. Except in bathtubs.

Trikes are funny, bikes are not funny.

Pandas and koalas, though not bears, are funny. Grizzlies are not funny. They are, however, bears.

Squirrels but not rats. Ferrets are funny.

Is it stoats or weasels that are funny? Or both?

Frogs and toads are equally unfunny.

Pie in the face is funny, pie on the floor is not. Even if it got there by dripping off the face.

The face and head are funny. Not so much the hair.

Kazoos are obviously funny. Recorders are not.

VWs are funny, Porsches are not.

Watermelon: funny. Canteloupe: not.

Naked mole rats are funny. Sugar gliders are cute as all get-out, but not funny.

Gorillas but not gibbons. Pillows but not blankets. Turnips but not radishes.

If I’ve overlooked any, leave a comment.