For a while I thought I could just record my thoughts with my phone and come back a year or two later and know what I was talking about. From the edited transcript of moderately intriguing thoughts below, I see now that might have been an error in judgment. The basic thoughts still stand, and someday I may develop them into something, but since I have a performance tonight, I’m forgiving myself and sharing the roughest of drafts with you, on this, the first day of the last week of 90 Days of Blogging.

November 11, 2013:

I’m complaining about how things are but I think that makes it so that I don’t change them. I don’t have much tolerance for resignation. I believe that hope enjoy and anticipation of what could be are more important states of being to maintain.

I can spend hours questioning, interrogating, and challenging the conventions that we accept. We accept conventions because they are familiar and safe. There’s nothing wrong with trying to be safe. There’s a lot of danger out there and survival is important to us as individuals and as people.

I do not always choose safety myself, for that matter. I like things I know. So do we all. However, some of the things that we know right now

the cinema future and answering us in a present.

Starbucks. They won’t serve us. That last 1 is correct.

When I find myself making an assumption, that is something I need to challenge. Any unquestioned belief requires challenge. Or questioned belief, a belief we hold without considering it.

I’m not preaching to others here. I’m preaching to myself. I’m praying. I’m meditating. I’m giving myself challenges that I know will help me grow as a person, and may help you to grow too.

I owe the world my original ideas. I have a debt to the world; I borrowed from the world my life and I owe you, the world, my ability and my talents and my originality and my thoughts.

As I write about any topic, I’m putting together pieces of a puzzle. When I separate out pieces of the puzzle,  whether they’re on the border or on the inside, whether they have recognized colors or shapes, a distinctive color with other like pieces, well that remains to be seen.


I see moments of great clarity in here, along with some poetry or other refuse that sounds like I might have been high when I created it.

If any of these thoughts intrigues you, ask me a question below and I’ll see what I can do to expand my thoughts.