If I’m going to be a drinker, I’m going to have to be a binge drinker, because I like to feel inebriated as well as take in delicious flavors and I’m trying to maintain my womanish figure despite the negative connotations to “womanish” you’ll find in the dictionary.

Thanks to Mark Bittman, I eat rare pork, and I’ve never been happier or more pleasant.

I like weeding, both in and of itself and because it reminds me of two things: the way I used to weed during the tenure process because it gave me a focus that wasn’t mental and allowed me to overcome evil in a simple and productive way AND because my mother found a weed that she followed to its mother and found that to be a great metaphor for her breast cancer which came at the same time as my tenure process during which I was derailed by my mother having breast cancer (which she has completely recovered from, thanks) though members of my tenure committee had dealt with the same or worse and still earned tenure.