48 days in a row. Today makes it 49. Had I been on top of the calendar, I might have celebrated the halfway point. Or numbered each post. All I really have in mind is my start date (March 11) and my end date (June 8).

What do I know now that I didn’t know before? In no particular order:

  • Many of the rules I set for myself starting out were good rules, and might have been good to keep. Yet rigidity was never my goal — with the exception of the rigid rule about posting within every 24-hour period. I’m proud of sticking to that.
  • The ideas that swirl in my head that seem to call out for expression don’t come on command. Again, this might be different if I were meeting with the muse at the same time every day, but the fact that I can pull something out of somewhere each day that interests my friends means I’m doing something right.
  • This is the one regular, dependable activity in my life. That, and sleeping at home every night. I don’t have to calendarize it, which is lucky, since my Google calendar continues to confound me as I schedule overlapping dates and other people’s calendars tell me about things I could be doing. I wish Google would warn me when my schedule starts to sound impossible. Though I often do as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast…
  • It’s a good idea to start early in the day, even if it’s not the first thing, so I can contain my thoughts. Starting after a couch nap doesn’t make it easier.
  • This may just be something I’m learning from being alive: When I walk into a room or house and am greeted by others’ needs, my creative ideas fly away, crowded out as they are by anxiety, noise, and perfectionism. The same goes for phone calls and emails. Ignoring what others think has to happen right away is a good way to hold on to my impulses.
  • Asking others for topics might jump-start my mind, though what I end up with is ideally far from the starting point. Always.
  • I don’t know how to get readers to comment on the blog page other than by asking. Even so, some of my most faithful readers only comment on Facebook.

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